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DAD’s Adventure Club

DAD LogoDAD’s Adventure Club strives to create a fun and adventurous venue for parents to learn, play with, and mentor their elementary age kids.  DAD’s AC will pull out the best from programs such as Awana, Scouts, PureFitKID, CrossTraining.  It would be fair to describe DAD’s AC as a Christ-centered adventure program loosely based on the books “The Dangerous Book for Boys” and “The Daring Book for Girls”.  The aim is to prepare elementary age boys and girls physically and spiritually for life and equip them with life skills that will help them to move confidently into the world.  The spiritual component is at the heart of the program, as Bible memory and Bible lessons will help mature boys and girls in their faith.  The core program will be Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30PM along with the occasional outing on the weekend.


Expectations for participants

  • RESPECT others
  • Language must be uplifting, decent and good
  • Listen to leaders and follow their instructions, listen while others are talking
  • Respect others property, others physical space, others time
  • Love others in word and deed
  • Be open to LEARN new things!
  • Have FUN!

Physical Exercises

  • Stretches  (neck, shoulder, arms, back, leg)
  • The Big Three:  Squats, Push-ups, Sit-ups
  • Strength training, isometrics, cardio
  • Hill Climbers (out back)  –  regular, bear crawl, backwards
  • Band workout

Spiritual Exercises

  • Bible Memory from Proverbs
  • Bible Lesson from Proverbs  –  Fall/Spring of 2013/2014 lessons based on Proverbs, by the Nelson Family, and Proverbs for Kids by JoHannah Reardon

Life Lessons are also shared as a part of DAD.