Children’s Ministry Message – Palm Sunday


Hello Parents of Younger Children,

Our attached Children’s lesson for this week uses what happened on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem as a way to help our kids understand that Jesus is the one true King. We get to help the kids think about that time when a crowd of people praised Jesus and treated him like the king that he is. May we all pray that we can get as excited about his arrival as the people in this week’s story from Luke 19:28-40.

As we teach our kids that Jesus is the King, we have to set the stage since we may not appreciate what  it is like to live in a country ruled by a king, We can work with them to find reference points since they’ve probably seen enough movies and read enough books to understand how powerful and special a king is. 

This lesson can help kids see that Jesus deserves that same kind of honor bestowed upon a king. Use what looks fun to you from each of the different lesson plans and even consider spreading out parts throughout the week.

Stay tuned as we are planning for some new and exciting ways to create ways for your kids to engage with the Children’s Ministry in new and exciting ways over the next couple of weeks.

– Your Children’s Ministry Team