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Building Expansion Update

How Did We Get Here?

A History of PBCs Building Expansion Project


  • The need for more space becomes urgent.  Our current facilities are insufficient not only for growth but even to contain our developing children and youth programs we currently have.
  • PBC leaders for many years have been exploring the possibility of building a gym (since at least 2005).
  • The Elders revisit the idea of a gym in 2010 and initial work begins.


  • The initial vision is to build an economical stand-alone High School sized gym for somewhere between $500,000 to 1 million dollars. A building committee is formed in late 2011.

January 2012

  • The Building Committee selects and hires an architect to draw up plans.
  • Loudoun County grants approval for our initial site plan, which includes a youth room and new kitchen.
  • Many cost and location options are considered.
  • Initial Plans are confirmed for the gym on the right-hand side of the existing building and total cost for the project is estimated at
    $1.4 million.

Summer/Fall  2012

  • With projected costs out of our budget reach, the Elders and Committee explore several options for expansion and reconfirm that the current building is insufficient to handle the current programs, feel that attention should focus on our “Missions work at Home”.

February 2013

  • Conversations restarted with Architects to develop a modest building that would house a Middle School sized gym, youth room and kitchen. Plans are conceptualized in the summer.

Fall 2013

  • A pledge campaign raises $800,000 in both one time and three year pledges.  These pledges along with the $500,000+ in church reserves put us within “striking distance” of our budget goal.

November 2013

  • Congregation votes to build

January 2014

  • PBC hires a construction firm to work out the exact cost of the project with the Architect.

February 2014

  • Construction firm conducts an initial bid and confirms the final construction costs to be closer to $2 million.  This is a surprise to PBC, Construction Firm and the Architect.

Spring 2014

  • Elders along with the building committee look at several options in terms of trimming the scope of the project to get the cost of the project within our budget.  What’s found is that the initial excavation and foundation work accounts for a significant amount of the total project cost, also-
  • Trimming too much of the scope begins to limit functionality.  Even after trimming important aspects of the project out of the plans, the construction cost still runs close to $1.6 million and that would leave us with a building that is barely usable.

April 2014

  • Architects propose taking out a loan as our only remaining option. Elders and Building Committee consider this option but determine that it does not line up with our understanding of biblical stewardship.

July 2014

  • Architect is let go.
  • Knowing the need for more space is still present if not even more urgent; the Elders still consider the original vision of increasing the ministering opportunities to our community vital and contemplate other avenues of achieving this mission. The idea of “phasing” the project is developed in order to help us “stay the course” and still accomplish our objectives.
  • Congregation votes to “phase” the project and gives approval to fund phase one, which is renovating our sanctuary and kitchen for greater use.  At the end of phase one, our situation will be evaluated to see if the potential and will is there to proceed with phases two and/or three.

 What’s Next?

 January-February 2015

  • Phase One-A becomes visible- the sanctuary remodel.  The redesign of the front stage area, replace (8) side windows, wrap all windows (40) with matching vinyl siding, replace (upgrade) 3-sets of double-doors, repaint sanctuary and lobby, remove pews, re-carpet sanctuary and lobby, finally bring in chairs.

 February – April 2015

  • Phase One-B continues as the kitchen in the fellowship hall is remodeled.  New upgraded cabinets and appliances will be installed. The current kitchen will be lengthened by almost 10 feet for an overall increase of approximately 170 sf.

 Spring 2015

  • At the completion of Phase One (A & B), elders, finance team, and building committee will assess our finances to discern our capacity for continuing the building expansion project.  If PBC’s financial outlook is favorable, initial estimates for Phase Two (either the gym or the youth/education wing) will be brought to the congregation for consideration by the building committee.  If finances look tenuous, our building expansion project will be put on hold until a more favorable time.