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Why are We Building?

building-iconEvery venture for God begins with FAITH…the simple belief that God is calling you to do something. Before the endeavor is about doing something for man, it is about obeying the call of God. It is faith first, then, it is obedience, love and endurance.

And so it is with a unanimous and resolute faith the PBC elders embrace God’s leading to expand our existing facilities. The purpose is to better equip believers and more effectively reach Lowes Island with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our recent missions work in Malawi and beyond has helped us develop a broader kingdom mindset and a heart for those without Christ. Now we believe God’s call is to bring the vision home, directly living out the gospel in our own neighborhood.

PBC is fiscally strong, yet this project will stretch our finances. Faith and love will be put to the test. Nevertheless, it is with great hope we wait to see God’s blessing on our church and our community. This expansion will utilize PBC reserves and will require significant additional giving over the next few years. In the process, we will stay true to the principles of biblical stewardship. We ask each of you to please pray about how you will be involved…giving, working, praying, managing and encouraging. This is a significant milestone in PBC’s history.

Jesus summarized the Law and the Prophets by giving us two simple commands:

To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind,
and to love your neighbor as yourself.
(Matt 22:38-39)

As we move forward out of love for our Lord and love for our neighbor, we are confident that we will also have the blessing of seeing God strengthen his church and call more people to Himself in Lowes Island and Cascades.

With prayerful anticipation,

The Elders of PBC

Scott, Phil, Jim, and Stu