What fun it has been to allow our kids to get together
to see each other and study God’s word during online Sunday School! We welcome
you all to set your kids up at Zoom before the service again this week from
9-9:15 as we continue to let the kids interact with one another and explore
God’s word with our Sunday School teachers. 

This week (Sunday, 4/26), we are exploring how bold Jesus was to challenge
authority by healing the man with the deformed hand in the Synagogue on the
Sabbath from Mark 3:1-6. We will focus on how to apply this message using this
passage from Proverbs 17:17, “A friend is always loyal, and a brother is
born to help in time of need.” Again, a message I think we can all take to
heart these days!

 For this week’s interactive component, I invite all of the kids to bring their most worn-down, cherished and hopefully favorite stuffed animal to share with the group.


Zoom Online

Please take note that this Zoom Meeting has a password as we take extra precautions to protect this time with the kids. Please contact Andy Simpson for the password.