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DAD Adventure Club

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Dangerous and Daring Adventure Club (DADAC) is a high energy, fun, creative way to get kids ready for life.  All that we do prepares elementary age children for the challenges and dangers of living in today’s world.  We believe this involves training them with basic life skills (social, domestic, outdoor), as well as increasing their spiritual alertness.  With BOTH faith and skill, kids will thrive and grow into “Overcomers”.  Like King David of old, they will slay any giant that comes their way.  Our DADAC leaders truly love the Lord Jesus and they love kids.  They’re dedicated to mentoring children in their walk with God.

Expectations for participants

  • RESPECT others
  • Language must be uplifting, decent and good
  • Listen to leaders and follow their instructions, listen while others are talking
  • Respect others property, others physical space, others time
  • Love others in word and deed
  • Be open to LEARN new things!
  • Have FUN!

Physical Exercises

  • Stretches  (neck, shoulder, arms, back, leg)
  • The Big Three:  Squats, Push-ups, Sit-ups
  • Strength training, isometrics, cardio
  • Hill Climbers (out back)  –  regular, bear crawl, backwards
  • Band workout

Spiritual Exercises

  • Bible Memory
  • Bible Lesson

Life Lessons are also shared as a part of DAD.