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To some, “church membership” sounds intimidating or exclusive.  Why take the risk of committing to a group of people when you don’t have to?   Sounds unnecessary.  Keep your options open.  So why membership?

filler-family-squarefadeWell, when a person truly follows Christ, they automatically become a member of His worldwide church, the Body of Christ, which crosses all denominational lines, geographical boundaries, and racial divides.  Theologians call it “the Invisible Church”.   A “local church” then is a place on the map where that “invisible church” exists.  It’s where flesh and blood makes our beliefs come alive.

Being committed to a local church is one of God’s greatest instruments for true life transformation.  Like any relationship, there comes a point where knowing and understanding require commitment.  God uses the imperfect people in the church to mold and shape us into the people He’s created us to be.  We become invested, connected and we are changed.

scott talking to oneHaving membership also provides space for people who are still exploring what it means to follow Christ.  When you visit PBC, there are no expectations and no standards.  Just come as you are, regardless.  The issues you might be working through are between you and the Lord.  Members however are called to a lifestyle of Christ-likeness.  We hold each other to a covenant that calls us to represent accurately the message and the lifestyle of Christ.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of PBC, contact the office or one of the pastoral staff and we’d be happy to meet with you.  You can also read through our beliefs, mission and values to see if PBC is a good fit for you.  We look forward to having you part of our church family!

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