Children’s Ministry Message


Hello Parents of Younger Children,

We want to give you this week’s Children’s lesson (links below).  Today’s lesson is taken from Matthew 5-7 and focuses in on living differently than people expect by loving our enemies, giving privately, not worrying, not judging others, and more. Doesn’t this sound like something we all could spend some time reflecting on right now? The passage shows how Jesus lived differently and set the example for us. This is meant to be an encouragement to our youth right now as we help them see Jesus is different. Teaching this to our kids is important because being different (or weird) isn’t usually something kids aspire to. They don’t typically want to stand out as unusual! This lesson can help kids see that when we live the way Jesus lived, we will stand out…and that’s a good thing! Living differently is how we shine his light in our world. Working through this with your kids isn’t just for them but also a tremendous way for you to reflect on how your Christian faith made you stand out? How do you feel about that?
We have provided three age-appropriate versions of the same curriculum for you. Each one has an intro and a summary at the top and then detailed lessons below. Our typical Sunday has us working through the top 3 sections and usually one of the below sections based on who is teaching and how much time you have. Time might not be a problem this week especially if you decide to tackle one game/craft/activity each day while you are all home together!
The Children’s Ministry Team