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Welcome to PBC!

We’re so glad you’re visiting our website, and we hope to meet you sometime in person! Our church family experiences God the same way Christians have for two thousand years… through prayer and worship, through investing in each other relationally, and through living out God’s word, the Bible. It’s simple and straight-forward, genuine and life-changing, and it’s all centered on the person of Jesus Christ. We’d love for you to join us on this journey of faith and experience God’s grace which truly is amazing!


Summer Events Update

Due to the building expansion project that will be taking place this spring and summer, PBC will not have Vacation Bible School or Cross Training Camp in 2017, but instead will have a Family Fun Weekend from July 28 – 31 on the New River Gorge in West Virginia. For more information, click on the Family Fun Weekend link at the bottom of this page!

God has designed each one of us for a specific purpose.  Do you have a clear picture of that unique design… your unique purpose?  If we’re unclear on what our purpose is, we’re likely to be spending time on things not in line with our best contribution to the kingdom of God.  In other words, we’re wasting time!

To that end, PBC offers a “Life Management” course that helps people discover their life purpose.  When it’s written down, it becomes your “Personal Mission Statement”.  Having one of these helps us live intentionally and deliberately.

OBJECTION: The characters of the Bible didn’t have a written personal mission statement!  Why do I need one?  Is this just another example of the church co-opting current business techniques?

ANSWER: There are tons of examples in the Bible of leaders who had a clear idea of their calling.  Think for example of Nehemiah.  He knew what is life calling was… to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and establish God’s people in the land. Moses, David, Paul… they may not have written it down, but each seems to have had a clear sense of what God was asking them to do.  Do you?

Starting on April 30, Pastor Scott is beginning 6-8 week course (may even be extended depending on the interest) that will help you sharpen the focus of your life.  The course will involve you doing a TIMELINE of your life, distilling the insights of the timeline down into a list of CORE VALUES, which is then incorporated into your BIBLICAL PURPOSE, your VISION and your GIFTS.  All of those ingredients are necessary for a realistic MISSION that is uniquely YOU! Once you know where you’re going, you can then begin to manage your time according to the ROLES God has given you, and the GOALS you have set.  For the believer, each step must be done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our Counselor, who is able to reveal God’s heart for our lives.

Join the group any time.  We meet Sunday mornings at 9:00AM in the Fellowship Hall.

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