Since 1962, Potomac Baptist Church has been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Northern Virginia.

The power of God’s grace to change ordinary people is on display every week through a diverse tapestry of our members. Each one of us has a story to tell of how God’s love and light has changed our lives.

So how do you know if PBC is the right church for you? There are five things about us that may help you make that decision.

1. We’re God-centered.

We approach spiritual growth as us needing to adjust to God and His will. Rather than trying to use God to fulfill our dreams and desires, our aim is to allow God to use us to fulfill His plans and purposes. We find out what pleases God, so we can follow Him with our heart, soul, mind and strength. It’s not about us, it’s about Him!

2. Our authority is the Bible.

This means when you come to PBC, you’ll not just hear a preacher’s opinion or some trendy topics. We believe no other book has the power to transform the human spirit than God’s word. We let the God’s word speak for itself, studying it carefully and systematically.

3. We’re a close family.

If you’re looking for anonymity, this is not the right place for you. We get to know each other, we invest in each other, care for one another, and we hold each other accountable in our walk with God. This is a sweet fellowship of people who really love each other.

4. There’s a healthy balance here.

We avoid extremes, trends and “flavor of the month” type Christian fads. God’s Word, when it’s presented as a whole, is perfectly balanced and when obeyed, it will lead to a healthy, fruitful, and happy life. We major on the majors.

5. We equip and send.

Our great joy is to train and equip the people that God sends us so we can send them out to engage and evangelize the world. There’s a strong emphasis on sharing your faith and involvement in missions. Our goal is for everyone in our congregation to participate in a short-term missions trip.

A Little Bit of History