Jan. 9-17, 2020

PBC mission committee:
  • Prayer for guidance for 2020 Short Term Mission (STM) trips. We will be going to Lancing the first full week of August to partner with the Majewski. Pray for these plans to come together and we can reach Lansing Iowa with the Good News.
Evangelism at NOVA Community College
  • Pray that God would open the doors for us to get back on campus this new year.
  • Continue to pray that God would provide those to water the seeds that have been planted.
  • May His kingdom grow at NOVA
Catharine Coon – WorldVenture – Hope Alive! – Uganda
Sarah with Heva
  • All of Sarah’s family continue to improve. Little Heva’s digestion issues are noticeably lessening.
  • Hope Alive! is getting ready for its 18th year of sending children to school.
  • We have the necessary funds to pay school fees and buy uniforms and school supplies for all our students.
  • Annual Student Leadership Summit, this will be held at Musana Camp on the shores of Lake Victoria from the 13th – 18th. Students, staff, and mentors, especially those from Gulu, will be traveling long distances. Prayers for safe travel which is never to be taken for granted in Uganda.
  • Every year, several students either commit or recommit their lives to Jesus Christ. We can be praying for the Holy Spirit to be preparing hearts
Karl and Jenny Teichert – One Challenge – South Africa
  • Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for us this year. We are grateful for the many open doors to develop leaders to multiply churches that all the peoples of Africa may have the opportunity to surrender their hearts to Christ and worship the Lord forever.
Child Evangelism Fellowship – Wayne Genter and team – Sterling VA
  • Our Good News Club at Rolling Ridge Elementary meets on Tuesdays after school.
  • Loudoun County Public School system continues to impose significant limitations on how we can promote the club, even to let the parents know the Good News Club is active and their child is welcome to attend.   As a result, our registrations only number four.   We would love to bring the gospel to many more that need to hear it.
  • Even though our club is small, the clubbers engage very well and are excited to attend.
  • Prayer request: Pray for our Good News Club team to be faithful, prepared, and clear as we present God’s truths each week. Pray for the hearts of our clubbers to be open and receive God’s message that He has for each.
  • Pray for our team members- Rich Kim, Larry Lindsay, Megan Thayer, Lynn Sipes, Ron Baker, Sandra Yesawich, and Wayne Genter.   Larry has temporarily stepped down as his son pasted away this week. Pray for Larry in this time.
Joel and Elaine Loewen – Send International – Japan
  • The Lord Jesus longs to meet with us, much, much more than we long for Him.
  • The Lord blessed all of our Christmas activities,
  • Three people in our church publicly confirmed their faith and received baptism on December 22


  • Pray that we and others in our mission and churches will hunger and thirst for the living God.
  • “FROM SURVIVAL TO REVIVAL” is the proposed theme for our church in 2020.  Pray for openness in our hearts and the willingness to respond to how God wants to do this in us as well as throughout Tokyo.
Praise: Miranda had been in jail a while back. It was not how she saw her life going, and she experienced deep shame and disappointment. One day a member of the Gideons Auxiliary came by the jail to distribute Scriptures and share the Gospel. It was there Miranda came to know the Lord, and her life was changed forever.
Pray for open doors for the sharing of God’s word:
  • Locally in the public schools and in the Loudoun County Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers.
  • Globally in the countries of: Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Mauritania, Monaco, Morocco, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, St. Helena, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Wallis & Futuna, Yemen