June 25-July 2, 2020

Catharine Coon – WorldVenture – Hope Alive! – Uganda

  • The Hope Alive! board had to fruitful interviews with 2 missionaries interested in joining Hope Alive! as the next director.
  • No COVID-19 deaths in Uganda
  • People continue to generously donate to the COVID-19 fund.
  • Hope Alive! provided another month of supplies to each Hope Alive! family
  • Discernment is needed for all concerned regarding God’s clear leading for the missionaries and their possible partnership with Hope Alive!.
  • Uganda’s COVID-19 cases are now at 770. Active cases are at 192, meaning 578 have recovered. Much prayer is needed that the pandemic will end as soon as possible with minimal long-term health and economic effects world-wide.
  • Safely for all Hope Alive! families in Uganda during the continuing lockdown


Something New – Growing up, Ruth was one of eight children living on a small piece of land in central Georgia. Her family was poor and had limited resources. They lived in a house made of two school buses with a connecting space her father had built. Ruth’s life was filled with hand-me-downs from her older sisters, and new was not something she’d ever experienced.
When Ruth was in the fifth grade, a Gideon came to her classroom. He gave each student a brand-new Testament. Ruth was thrilled to receive such a special gift and read the Testament often. By the time she was halfway through the book of Romans, she had begun to realize her need for a Savior.
Later that year, during a revival, she fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Together, with her older brother, Ruth stepped out in faith and surrendered her life to the Lord. At this moment, she received the greatest gift of all-a new identity in Christ.
Pray for open doors for the sharing of God’s word:
  • Locally in the public schools and in the Loudon County Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers.
  • Globally in the countries of: Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Mauritania, Monaco, Morocco, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, St. Helena, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Wallis & Futuna, Yemen

Matthew and Sarah Majewski – Lansing Iowa

  • Spiritual growth for the teenagers in our church – that they would desire to grow closer to the Lord and give their lives to Him
  • Comfort for those who have recently lost loved ones
  • That God would bring new people to join our church family
  • Community outreach associated with the local festival known as Fish Days – That the people of Lansing would come to know the love of Christ through personal witnessing and community outreach
  • Upcoming mission trip to Estonia

No Shots or Passports Required!

Karl and Jenny Teichert – One Challenge – South Africa

  • OC partners with the following family in Central Africa Republic (CAR) in reaching out people there with the Gospel): Odele’s life (the wife of Anatole Banga) was threatened many times because of her ministry among the Muslims. She and their three children were forced to seek refuge in Burkina Faso as Anatole remained to continue ministering to those in the crisis. Please pray for God’s healing and restoration from the trauma for Odele and the family.
  • Our OC Africa team recently gave Anatole’s team a back-pack video projection kit to show the Jesus film and form discovery Bible groups in remote villages. Please pray for more leaders to plant churches in unreached communities. Also, pray for the engine replacement of Anatole’s 4×4 vehicle which is desperately needed for ongoing training and follow-up.
  • Anatole’s leaders are discipling these new believers and assisting with their sustainable business projects. Please pray for God’s protection, ongoing witness in the Muslim community, and success in their small businesses.
  • Anatole is taking care of 15 orphans. The ongoing crisis has increased the number of orphans in the country. He assists with their schooling, spiritual, and personal development – along with other social challenges. His vision is to build a house where they can stay as a family. Please pray for the effective care of these orphans and the provision of new accommodations.


  • Blessings upon Peter Fungulani, Maranatha Pentecost Church in Nsanje for doing God’s will in preaching His word and trying to feed the hungry!
  • Pray that food will be available for the orphans and widows. People are actually starving. Last week two people were found dead along the Malawi – Mozambique border due to hunger.
  • Pray that Pastor Peter will find the means and resources to feed the hungry.
  • The Malawi and Mozambique border was closed by the Mozambique government to stem the flow of Malawians crossing the border due to the coronavirus.
Dzaleka Refugee Camp- 
  • Pray for Pastor Munfano Desire, Integrity Family Church, Dzaleka Refugee Camp as he provides our Lord’s word and Christian education in the refugee camp.
  • The food rations were reduced in half by the UN High Commission Refugees (UNHCR), The UN Refugee Agency at the camp.
  • Pray food and provisions will increase.
  • Pray the living conditions improve in the camp.
  • Pray for Pastor Munfano as he leads a Coronavirus prevention campaign in the camp.

Joel and Elaine Loewen – Send International – Japan

  • We’re thankful for technology that we can use to bring us together and enable us to experience ‘community’.
  • Pray that those experiencing stress and anxiety because of the corona virus, will also come to experience the peace of God.
  • Please continue to pray that the virus will be brought under control and that restrictions will be able to be lifted soon.
  • In the ongoing uncertainty, pray for wisdom as SEND leaders make decisions about schedules, travel plans, and meetings.