July 15-22, 2020

Catharine Coon – WorldVenture – Hope Alive! – Uganda

    • Praise:
      • We’ve been able to have scholastic materials developed to help our primary students study while school is out.
      • Uganda still has no COVID-19 deaths.
      • People continue to generously donate to the COVID-19 fund.
  • Prayers:
    • Educational Support Program in Koro
    • We have two months of materials and would like to begin tutoring next week. There are a number of logistics that Staff need to work through before mentors and older students begin meeting with small groups of primary school students to keep them up on what they learned at the start of the school year.
    • COVID-19
      • Uganda cases are now at 953. This is 21 cases per million, while the U.S. is at 9,090 per million. Although Uganda’s cases represent a very small percentage of the population, the number is continuing to climb, and the curve steepen. Much prayer is needed that the pandemic will end as soon as possible with minimal long-term health and economic effects world-wide.
    • Continued wisdom in how best to support our families during lockdown
    • Uganda’s President Museveni did not return the country to the stricter lockdown conditions. However, not too much has changed in the last few weeks and most of our families have no means of earning income during this time.



  • Being Made New: We arrived at the local jail for our usual time of Bible study. This time, we noticed two new faces in our regular group of men. Upon sharing their stories, we learned that one man, Benham, grew up in Turkey before moving to America. We welcomed both of them into our time of fellowship and began the devotion.
  • The lesson centered on Jesus and His deep love for all of us. We ended in our typical fashion, engaging with the men about their relationship with the Lord and idea of salvation. This conversation didn’t surprise our regular attendees, but the new guys were intrigued.
  • Following God’s instruction, we encouraged the men to look at the book of Romans with us. Their faces brightened with understanding as we shared the Gospel with them. When we were certain they understood, we asked if we could lead them through the prayer for salvation in the back of the Testament. Both men readily accepted.
  • We said, “Amen,” and the room filled with celebration. I looked over at Benham and saw the tears rolling down his cheeks. He was made new.

Pray for open doors for the sharing of God’s word:

  • Locally in the public schools and in the Loudon County Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers.
  • Globally in the countries of: Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Mauritania, Monaco, Morocco, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, St. Helena, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Wallis & Futuna, Yemen.

Matthew and Sarah Majewski – Lansing Iowa

Last week I (Elaine) started a study of Colossians. In sharing some thoughts with Joel, I used the word ‘preeminent’ to describe Christ. After all, it’s right there in Col. 1:18! Preeminent. It’s not a word we often use, but it aptly describes our Lord who surpasses all others, is paramount, supreme, distinguished in every way…If you’ve not read Col 1:15-20 in a while, I’d recommend you do so and worship our Lord Jesus Christ who is preeminent! 

  • Praise:
    • There is no one but Christ who is worthy of our worship, praise, reverence, and adoration!
    • All the fullness of God was pleased to dwell in Christ. (Col. 1:19) Hallelujah! What a Savior!
    • I (Elaine) sensed the Spirit giving wisdom and unity to us during our Japan Council meeting on July 3. Thank you for remembering us in prayer.
    • Thank you for praying for the Prayer Walk (July 11). At least twenty people joined together to pray for Tokyo! There was a lot of good sharing and fellowship happening as we walked and prayed.
    • We’ve had good one-on-one meetings with our team members and others. God is sustaining and strengthening us.  
  • Prayers:
    • Pray that we will always exalt Christ in our hearts and joyfully live under his authority.
    • Our church is continuing with online worship services, with some meeting in small groups to view the services together. Pray that many will choose to fellowship together in this way.
    • Pray for Miss J. and I (Elaine) as we begin to study the book of Romans together, and as I continue to mentor her.
    • On Friday, July 17, our missionary team is meeting. Pray for a meaningful, encouraging time together.
    • Please continue to pray for those missionaries whose travel plans are disrupted because of the COVID-19 restrictions.
    • Pray for our gospel choir, as we put together a virtual song. Pray for the musicians and singers to experience a great sense of unity in Christ as we use our talents for Him. Also pray that we will find a place where we can practice and meet safely.

Karl and Jenny Teichert – One Challenge – South Africa

  • OC partners with the following family in Central Africa Republic (CAR) in reaching out people there with the Gospel): Odele’s life (the wife of Anatole Banga) was threatened many times because of her ministry among the Muslims. She and their three children were forced to seek refuge in Burkina Faso as Anatole remained to continue ministering to those in the crisis. Please pray for God’s healing and restoration from the trauma for Odele and the family.
  • Our OC Africa team recently gave Anatole’s team a back-pack video projection kit to show the Jesus film and form discovery Bible groups in remote villages. Please pray for more leaders to plant churches in unreached communities. Also, pray for the engine replacement of Anatole’s 4×4 vehicle which is desperately needed for ongoing training and follow-up.
  • Anatole’s leaders are discipling these new believers and assisting with their sustainable business projects. Please pray for God’s protection, ongoing witness in the Muslim community, and success in their small businesses.
  • Anatole is taking care of 15 orphans. The ongoing crisis has increased the number of orphans in the country. He assists with their schooling, spiritual, and personal development – along with other social challenges. His vision is to build a house where they can stay as a family. Please pray for the effective care of these orphans and the provision of new accommodations.  

Joel and Elaine Loewen – Send International – Japan

Recently, I (Joel) was reading our church’s Leadership Training Manual in preparation for small group leader training that evening.  I was struck by this statement: “A Biblical leader knows that in order to bear fruit in ministry, abundant love for others is more important than gifting or skills.”  The reason that struck me was the realization that even after 30+ years of ministry here, my love for people is often lacking.  I continue to need the filling of God’s love through his Spirit, every day.

  • Praises:
    • God’s love never runs out, and he lavishes it on us freely!
    • Our Community Groups (small group ministry) are still meeting and new leaders are being trained.
    • On Sunday evening, June 21, we met Bradley and his girlfriend at a very nice restaurant, where we celebrated Elaine’s birthday.
    • June 26, we had a live (in-person) team meeting.  We celebrated a middle school graduate and bid farewell to one of our team members going on Home Service for a year.  It was a lovely evening for a barbecue and live engagement.
    • June 23 and 24 Elaine joined an online meeting with others in the SEND U.S. office, during which time 5 people were interviewed and accepted as long-term missionaries to Japan!
    • As we continue to experience the effects of the current pandemic, we take confidence in the sovereignty, grace, and provision of our God.
  • Pray:
    • Pray for wisdom and direction in continuing and starting new Community Groups.  May this contribute to Tokyo being filled with the gospel, and to making many more disciples of Jesus.
    • Pray for us as we meet with our missionary team members individually, that we can encourage them in their present challenges.
    • Pray for our church leaders, as we plan for a prayer walk on July 11th.  Pray for humility and revival in us as we pray for God’s glory to be seen in Tokyo.
    • On July 3, the Japan Council meets.  Pray for Elaine and the other Council members to have wisdom, discernment, and vision regarding the issues before us.
    • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, some restrictions remain in place.  Pray for wisdom as our church leaders decide when to resume in-person worship services.  Pray for unity within the church regarding these decisions.
    • The travel ban is affecting missionaries who are trying to come/return to Japan.  Pray that they will not grow weary in waiting on the Lord for his timing.
    • Continue to pray for Bradley in the daily decisions and choices he makes.


Prayer requests from Pastor Munfano Desire, Integrity Family Church, Dzeleka Refugee Camp.

  • I need God to strength me spiritually
  • To save many people in our community and our church
  • The God’s mercy to the world concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • God may provide for the sustainability of the works which we are doing for the refugee community.
  • God may heal my country Congo (DRC) from war, injustice, insecurity and violence.

This brother was traveling in the most remote area of Nsanje District and found this child lonely- when he tried to find out where his parents are we were told that both parents died.
God has touched us to take this child to part of our feeding center.

Prayer requests from Pastor Peter Fungulani, Maranatha Pentecost Church in Nsanje.

  • Pray for me, my family and churches in both Malawi and Mozambique to be protected from COVID-19.
  • Pray for the great need of churches, the churches need iron sheets/tins to put on roofs.
  • Pray for orphans/widowed in both Malawi and Mozambique as they are starving from food shortage due to bad weather and COVID-19.
  • Pray for food. There is wide spread malnutrition, hunger and starvation in Nsanje, especially for the old and orphans. 
  • Prayers are greatly needed for God to open doors of provisions of the needs.
  • Pray for this child and all orphans.
  • Pray for my country. Malawi’s new President Chakwera was sworn in on June 28. Our new government is firing senior staffs in government organizations and the people are back in the streets against that move… nothing is good in Malawi. 


    • Prayer requests from Pastor Feston Gadaga, Maranatha Church in Lenzi village, Mozambique.
      • Pray for food and provisions for the church’s feeding center made available to the village orphans.